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Shop for a great cause and help Nakia Dilliard and Shannon Beasley Taitt benefit worthy causes!!!   Get early Valentines, Mother's Day and special occasion shopping out of the way RIGHT NOW by placing an order with 

LQ G.E.M.S. for luxury SWAROVSKI fashion jewelry made exclusively with precision cut SWAROVSKI Crystals, Pearls and Zirconia!!!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? CHECK OUT ALL 5 COLLECTIONS BELOW!!! 

Get to shopping and get to Giving Every Moment Sparkle!!!!

Little Black Dress Collection

The Little Black Dress Collection features SWAROVSKI Zirconia and .925 Sterling Silver. The sparkle of SWAROVSKI Zirconia rivals natural diamonds without the trouble of inclusions, color variations or Price!

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Bracelet Collection

Every bracelet shines with SWAROVSKI Crystals, giving each  piece its signature sparkle. Above and beyond subjective perception, the quality and value of crystal can be determined by the criteria outlined in the 5 C’s of SWAROVSKI Crystal: Cut, Clarity, Color, Contour and Care.

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Earring Collection

The brilliance of the SWAROVSKI Crystals in every pair of earrings is determined by the cut – the greater the precision, the more exact the faceting, the more prismatic the effect of the SWAROVSKI Crystal and the greater the brilliance in the crystal’s refraction.

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Necklace Collection

Perfect SWAROVSKI Crystals are characterized by intensity and fidelity to tone, independent of size and cut. When reflecting light, a SWAROVSKI Crystal with great color gives rise to a fiery play of tones which reveal its hidden spectrum making for the most stunning necklaces.

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Ring Collection

The clearer the SWAROVSKI Crystal is from inclusions, the more flawless the SWAROVSKI Crystal clarity and the more brilliant the properties, allowing the sparkle of our rings to rival the look of natural diamonds often presented for red carpet walks and marriage proposals.

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